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  • Polish Food

    Authentic Polish food – Online and In-Store in Brisbane

    Our eastern food store has a wide selection of delicious Polish food available for online delivery and purchase. If you’re looking to bring a special flavour to your next meal, or recreate your authentic family recipes, we have all the ingredients you need.

    A Polish feast for everyone

    Our large collection of groceries from Poland will delight your tastebuds and make meal preparation a breeze – and you’ll easily be able to find great snacks when you want to treat yourself. Everyone will enjoy the feasts you cook up with our premium Polish ingredients.


    To enhance the flavour of your main meals, add in a little of our sauerkraut or marinated mushrooms. Bursting with flavour, these tiny sides are the perfect accompaniment that will make your main portion shine.


    We have a selection of sweet treats, so see what takes your fancy. Delectable chocolate-covered plums, crispy pralines and cherries in liqueur are just the start.

    Order online today for easy delivery in Brisbane and Melbourne

    After you’ve finished adding all your favourite foods to your online shopping cart, you’ll be able to place the order for quick and efficient food delivery, from our store direct to your house. If you live in metropolitan Melbourne or Brisbane, we’ll come to you for a nominal fee. You can sit back and relax with the knowledge we’ll do your shopping for you.


    Remember to join our membership program, which is essential for shopping at East Stock store, and offers great chances to save.  


  • Russian Food

    Purchase all Your Russian Food Online, in Brisbane and in Melbourne

    Have a taste of the east with our speciality Russian food, imported direct from Europe to your home. Our foods make preparing authentic meals simple – with everything in one place in our simple online store, you can start cooking almost immediately. Also visit our Melbourne and Brisbane stores to see our delights in person.

    Delicacies straight from Russia

    We have a huge variety of authentic delicacies so you can make a feast for your whole family (and invite your neighbours over, too). No matter if you’re looking for a dark rye bread, a salty pickled herring, or wish to buy quality Russian caviar, our food for online delivery and in-store pick-up will have you salivating.


    Our cold-cut food selection means you’ll buy the perfect buffet spread for everyone to join in on. (With hundreds of products, no one will miss out on their favourite.)


    Then, when you’re after a sweet treat after dinner, we have plenty of spicy gingerbread, smooth chocolate candies and marshmallow treats to keep you sated.

    Buy online and have it delivered to your home

    When you’re ready, add your caviar, breads and other products to your online cart (and slip in a couple of Russian sweet treats for yourself, too). We deliver our Russian groceries to most postcodes in metropolitan Melbourne and Brisbane – an efficient and easy way to ensure you can prepare your food on time.


    Our membership program is essential to join in order to shop with us, and you’ll receive all the delicious benefits and amazing savings of being a member. Ensure that you buy a membership upon checkout. Memberships are available for defined time periods, from one day to an annual pass.


  • Ukranian Food
  • European Food

    Shop for Authentic European Deli Food for a Taste of the East

    When you’re looking for the flavours of Europe, look no further than our European grocery store, which has the widest selection of delectable European deli-style products. With your simple membership, you’ll be able to buy the best quality food and desserts, so you can cook up a storm and impress your family and friends.


    As the authentic European flavours and aromas are wafting through your kitchen, you won’t be disappointed – and the meals you cook will have you coming back to buy even more food from our online store. Best of all, the convenience of ordering from our site will mean you don’t even need to leave the house to enjoy our tasty foods).


    Only the most authentic flavours


    We take care to stock those ingredients that have the best tastes, closest to the traditional European recipes. This way, you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ve received a top quality product.


    Here, the store imports products from all countries across Europe – no matter if you’re after eastern cuisine or a more western flavour, we have something for you. From deli cold-cuts to marinated vegetables and cheeses, you can create the perfect buffet spread. Then treat yourself with some delicious dessert snacks, like our crispy chocolate wafers. 


    Grocery delivery to your door


    If you’re ready to start shopping the East Stock way, your online membership will give you complete access to all the best savings, and allows you to buy in-person from our grocery store and delis in Melbourne and Brisbane.


    Enjoy the convenience of simple grocery delivery, direct to your door, when you buy from us. With top quality international and Australian products, our huge range will have your grocery needs satisfied.

  • Australian Food
  • Israeli Food
  • Kosher Food

    Enjoy the best quality Kosher food in Melbourne, Australia

    With our wide selection of European products available, we supply delicious Kosher food throughout Melbourne and Brisbane. Whether you’re looking to cook a weekday dinner for the family, or mark an important religious occasion, our foods are a great part of your meal and bring a taste of Europe to your home.


    We stock many kinds of oily herring, fresh fruits and preserved vegetables, as well as salts to provide the finishing touches to your meal.

    If you’re catering or cooking for a crowd

    Our selection of finger foods and dried fruit make it easy to cater for everyone – they’ll all be happy with the delicious feast, and will be able to celebrate well.

    Quick and easy delivery

    For simple meal planning and painless grocery shopping, join our exclusive membership. This will give you complete access to the food shops, as well as being able to access all our online and in-store specials (at our Australia stores in Melbourne and Brisbane).We’ll deliver your order straight to you with minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is place the order, then relax knowing you’ll soon have a delicious Kosher feast.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items