Santa Bremor:

Products we distribute:

Company information:

  • The staff includes about 4000 people;
  • More than 500 types of products;
  • Trade representatives in more than 80 cities of CIS countries;
  • Certified systems ISO 9001 – 2009, НАССР, IFS, for the moment the company works on acceptance of MSC- certificate.

The key principles for us are the following:

  • Satisfaction of customers’ demands for healthy foodstuffs of a high quality.
  • Ecological safety measures in the production process and safety ensuring of the manufactured products.
  • Innovation implementations which are able to improve the quality of manufactured products.
  • Compliance with the requirements of international standards and management systems.
  • СEstablishment and support of an open dialogue and a feedback between the society and the company.

The company’s philosophy concerning consumers:

  1. We strive for diversifying and improvement of the consumers’ life, proposing them a wide assortment of our products.
  2. We set salable prices for our goods and services.
  3. We respond quickly and efficiently to demands and desires of our consumers.
  4. We constantly look for more effective and convenient ways to serve our customers.
  5. We tend to make our production an innovative and effective one.

Quality Department

«Santa Bremor» is the first company in the Republic of Belarus to be granted a Conformance Certificate of the quality and safety control system on the base of the НАССР-principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Since 2005 the Quality Control System for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 9001 has been implemented in the enterprise.

In 2010 the safety system of foodstuffs (herring, caviar, seafood and surimi) was certified according to international standards IFS Food and BRC.

The products manufactured by the enterprise have serial conformance certificates on the territory of Belarus as well as on the territory of Russian Federation.

Manufacturing of fish products and ice-cream has approved expert veterinary numbers, that fact indicates that these products are in conformity with the requirements of EU Directives.


Products we distribute:

  • Kvass Ochakovo 2L
  • Kvass Ochakovo 0.5L

Company Information:

  • Ochakovo is the biggest all-Russian company in the field of beer and alcohol-free brewing.
  • Ochakovo is the market leader in natural kvass and low-alcohol drinks.
  • The total output of all beer and alcohol-free plants “Ochakovo” is 260mln litres beverages a year.
  • Ochakovo has breweries in Moscow, Krasnodar, Tyumen and Penza.
  • Ten plants were built from scratch.
  • Company owned malt-houses.
  • Vineyards on the Taman peninsula and a plant producing natural wine “Southern Wine Company” are the leading enterprise of Krasnordarski kray.
  • In the beer market the company is represented by such brands as “Ochakovo”, “Stolichnoe Premium”, “Stolichnoe Black”, “Barley Spike”, “Kaltenberg” and some other brands and regional varieties.
  • The beverages are created by the cream of technologists from the highest Soviet schools, and by modern European-level experts.
  • Our products are available in 60 regions of Russia and more than 30 foreign countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Greece, Israel,Australia, CIS countries and others.


Products we distribute:

  • Chocolates
  • Sweets and Lollies

UNICONF — is the largest confectionery Holding in the Eastern Europe and the leader on the Russian confectionary market. The history of sweets of our enterprise began in the capital of Russia. UNICONF unique since 1804. We have a unique history, unique ideas and unique brands. Not only millions of Russian consumers choose our products but we are also becoming more popular among foreigners. Realizing such a high interest to our products in Russia, we adapted the packaging for our International project.

Innovations and traditions have been melted together in one powerful enterprise:

  • 13th place in the ranking of “Top-100 confectionery companies in the world” List
  • 200 000 stores and specialty shops sell our products
  • 19 Russian factories, 8 logistic centers
  • 30 countries love and know our products
  • 200-year history producing confectionery


Products we distribute:

  • Mushrooms
  • Preserved Vegetables

Provitus is a recognizable brand due to its high-quality products, both in the scope of packaging aesthetics and flavours. The Provitus products can be found in the leading shopping networks, i.e. Carrefour, Auchan, Real, Tesco, Kaufland, Polomarket, Alma, Bomi, ‘Piotr i Paweł’ and other.

The company has been repeatedly awarded, e.g. Gold Medal at “Polagra” fairs. It is also an important participant in the program of the Ministry of Agriculture: POLSKA DOBRA ŻYWNOŚĆ.

High production standards in Provitus are confirmed by the following certificates: HACCP, English BRC Global Standard – Food, Russian GOST R Goststandard.