Your Local Eastern European Food Store

When you have a craving for some Eastern European delicacies, our online food store has a huge selection of Russian and Polish food, as well as sweet and savoury treats from across Europe. Indulge in some salty herring with your nightly meal, or fill yourself with our pillowy pelmini for the authentic Russian tastes.

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For meals with a perfect taste, you’ll need to rely on the finest grade of ingredients sold in Australia. Our suppliers are dedicated to your cooking needs and we’ll go out of our way to find you the best flavours possible.

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Our dedicated European grocery

At our dedicated European food suppliers and Russian food store, we aim to serve you delicacies every day. This means you can always enjoy some delicious authentic meals, the perfect addition to any Eastern feast. Whether you’re cooking a simple meal for your family after work, inviting your friends to a Kosher dinner, or putting together a buffet with cold-cut meat, cheese and sweets, we have everything for you. The beautiful quality of our foods will amaze anyone, and remind them of hearty Eastern Europe meals.

Convenient shopping, every time

We make meal planning and cooking a breeze with our straight-to-you delivery service. We require you to sign up for our membership program, after which you’ll have complete access to the huge savings we offer – and, of course, all the delicious treats. Membership is essential for shopping with us – and you won’t regret it when you receive all your great food and start cooking up a storm. 

Enjoy the convenience of at-home grocery delivery from our grocery suppliers and make your days free for the things that matter most.

With options to shop for our European foods online and in-person at our Melbourne and Brisbane delis, you’ll always be able to access our premium imported groceries. We look forward to meeting you in store.